Become A Motivational Speaker Coaching Program

How To Quickly And Easily Build A Powerful, Profitable Speaking Business with Global Outreach That Sells Your Products And Services Like WildFire!

Become A Motivational Speaker Coaching Program

This multimedia course will teach you how to easily and quickly build your own 

celebrated, thriving , top-dollar speaking empire from the comfort of your home

The multimedia training is divided into TWO MODULES 

1. Professional Speaker - Skill Building Module

2. Business Building Module

        1. Professional Speaker - Skill Building

There are five pillars in building your SKILLS for a  Profitable Professional Speaking 

Career / Business  that is covered

Ø Your Brand - Position yourself intelligently as a speaker by expressing who you really are

Ø Your System - Organize, Package and Amplify your content by promoting yourself intelligently as a speaker

Ø Your Talk - Craft a well-structured talk. Perform onstage and on video like a pro

Ø Your Audience - Engage, Connect and Convert and Persuade well onstage and on video to sell your ideas and products

Ø Your Revenue - Profit in your speaking business by managing the business side well. Turn talks to leads and Clients

Ø Your Personal Development - Continuous Learning, Skill Building, Health and Limitless Energy

 2. Business Building Skills

This module is all about Building multiple streams of income as a top speaker and 

launching out. People need to see, hear, read and learn from you HOW? WHERE? As a

        Speaker - on stage, on video, podcasting and on webinars

            Best Selling Author on Amazon and other Global platforms

            Consultant - leveraging your time 

       Coach  - Life and Business

       Trainer / Seminar Coordinator with a continuity program or high ticket program for sale

   It also includes business building training on

    Marketing - on stage and over the internet your business and products

    Branding - Building a Celebrity Brand - Personal & Business 

The multimedia training package comes with Strategy Blueprints, Step by Step 

Manuals, Audio and Video Training





1.  Public Speaking - Zero to Hero

2.  Marketing from the Stage

3.  Online Branding

4.  PodCasting

5.  Niche Expert Blueprint

6.  Be Heard- Building An Audience

7.  Brand Authority

8.  How to get what you want in Life

1.  Make Money With Kindle

2.  How to become an Amazon Best Selling Author

3.  Coaching Authority

4.  Consulting Riches

5.   Launch Digital Business

6.   Social Media Authority

7.   Epic Product Launch

8.  Celebrity Blogging


 Individual Multimedia Training courses can be downloaded as stand alone courses  for $10 each

 Established Speakers who need to build multiple streams of income can 

 download the business building model only for $30

 In summary You will learn How To Become a Top Motivational Speaker and how to

1. Become A Best Selling Author - Step by Step training to write, Publish and Market your book with a  Blueprint on Boosting your Book to Bestseller Status

2. Be Heard - Step-By-Step System To Building An Audience, Getting Attention And Creating Content That Gets Shared

3. Become A Consultant - step-by-step system to jump start your consulting business that generates big paydays! leveraging your time and effort in exchange for high returns, earn more money... all with less time and less effort!

4. Become A Coach : How to start and grow your own Life Coach business

5. Become A Corporate Trainer : Our system will show you How To Create, Package And Sell Your Own High Ticket Course And Attract High Paying Clients"

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